workshop_empathy-_game_xenofon_ritsopoulos_the_student_hotel_florence_italy-mediumWhat is it ?
Patented emotional relational cognitive tool.
Designed and developed by play + therapy toys & tools, helps recognize, express and share emotions and moods through story telling, body language, and role playing technics.
It’s an educational and psychotherapeutic tool about connecting people through listening without judgment and understanding the feelings and needs of others.

Game aims :
Empower the participants in the ability to empathize with others.
Enhance creativity, emotional intelligence and imagination of the players.
Promotes training and improvement of spontaneous operational communication.
Educates about turn-taking concept which is one of the fundamental rules of communication.

Who is using it ?
Empathy Game (TM) is suitable to all ages. It’s a non-verbal communication tool used by therapists as “ice breaker”.
Effective especially with adults, children and adolescents with emotional-relational difficulties.
It is a non-verbal communication tool for people with mild forms of autism.

It is used by :
Special education teachers
Social welfare operators
Speech therapists
Occupational therapists
Children psychiatrists
Developmental pediatricians
Psychologists / psychotherapists
Psychiatrists for adults
Family counselors

Fields of application :
Practicing fine mobility

Improving visual-kinetic coordination

Improve visual perception
Developing, understanding, recognizing
and expressing emotions

Training on the proper management of
emotions, development and
improvement of empathy

Helps development of expressive

Improving perceptual speech

Training of expressing your

Training in narrative / storytelling of
fictional or real events

Practicing and improving functional
spontaneous communication

Training of turn-taking concept ,
one of the basic rules of

Improving the parent-child relationship

Improving social peer interaction

Effective in pair therapy
How to use ?
There is always a game conductor or therapist.
There are 3 variants – 2 cognitive tools – 1 game:

Empathy Cube (TM) :
(space saving travel kit)
Once mounted the players take turns by launching the cube.
If in a group a circulary playing is more suitable.
If it’s individually yhe game is playing between the therapist and the client.
For each symbol on the 6 sides of the cube, an emotion to express.
Each symbol depicted allows the expression of an emotion and / or mood: anger, joy, wonder, curiosity, tenderness, freedom – obedience.

Empathy Carpet (TM) :
The conductor or therapist steps on a symbol of the carpet and addresses to each of the players a question related to the choosen emotion.
Players respond in turn.
Alternatively, each player can step on a chosen symbol and answer the question of the therapist.

Open Empathy Game (TM) :
These are recreational-therapeutic sessions that take place in groups, (min 6- max 10 participants).
It’s the combination of two cognitive tools
Empathy Cube (TM) and Empathy Carpet (TM).
On both instruments there are symbols specially designed by the scientific support team and graphically interpreted by the creative team of that express emotions and moods.
The conductor of the game or therapist, asks a question by combining the symbols of the cube and the carpet.
From here start a series of questions from the therapist of the game that are intended to explore the emotional world of those who participate, to express and share their empathy with others.