November 26, 2018

Working with empathy game


The empathy cube is a wonderful medium that I use in therapy sessions in order to rebalance the therapist patient relationship. during a session of therapy the patient can create different views about the therapist projections and so on, that in the process can create many different problems like transference and countertransference.
the empathy cube is it tool that i use every time that I see that the relationship with my patients is coming out of balance. I roll it and open up my self to questions from the patient, according to the symbol, revealing my own process weaknesses, things I still need to work on.
This way the patient relaxes realizing the therapist is also a human being, nobody is perfect and nobody will be! We do the best with what life rolls our way and learn to enjoy!

Michael Mourtzis MD.

My direct experience with The Student Hotel started thanks to Oscar Meccia, Assistant Community Manager Collab in Florence, a warm&passionate young guy which the day before the opening ceremony gave me the first tour of the whole structure, still under preparation. The next day, the change was at hand and the game started with over 2000 guests. Mix of cultures&expertises, in a BedTalks event, undertook to share ideas and to promote them for a better world, inspired even from our own interactivity. And then, music, drink, art&more. It was exciting to join the empathy game with the teammates Benedetta Giudice & Karla Sosa , coordinated by the funny MARTA ESPOSITO & Xenofon Ritsopoulos DesignMaker_pack_display_toys_expostand During the party I also have done my part, catching up, via a bad and in full relaxation, with Eva Sosa Lizama , Marketing Manager. I like the spirit with which TSH moves souls and minds in one mission, where world travelers of all ages, from students to entrepreneurs, start-ups and tourists come together in a co-working and co-living space, creating a sort of Global Community. I fully agree with the idea of hybrid hospitality model. Charlie Macgregor  as you said: a new opportunity to start write on a blank page. I would add: a new page called Florence

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