January 28, 2018

EMPATHY GAME : Relational, cognitive , emotional tool

The empathy cube is a wonderful medium that I use in therapy sessions in order to rebalance the therapist patient relationship. during a session of therapy the patient can create different views about the therapist projections and so on, that in the process can create many different problems like transference and countertransference.
The empathy cube (TM) and Empathy carpet (TM) are tools that i use every time that I see that the relationship with my patients is coming out of balance. I roll it and open up my self to questions from the patient, according to the symbol, revealing my own process weaknesses, things I still need to work on. This way the patient relaxes realizing the therapist is also a human being, nobody is perfect and nobody will be! We do the best with what life rolls our way and learn to enjoy!

Michael Mourtzis MD.